Monday, 8 August 2011

My greatest skill

So I started making quilts a few months ago, since then I have discovered I have a real talent!  For many this may be piecing with a perfect 1/4 inch seam, quilting with beautiful free motion stipples or doing all the binding by machine.

Not me though, my skill is buying fabric.  Well it's something.  I don't have a huge space to store it all, so I'm on a fabric embargo. It won't last long I'm sure.  The plan is to make several quilts, gain some space and then look at "Little Apples" and "Happy Mochi Yum Yum."  Of course as soon as I made this decision I bought a bolt of fabric.  In my defence it was very cheap, Ikea Ditte in white.

Ok, it's not Kona or Bella solids, but I've had a swatch for a while and washed it plenty of times and it' holding up very well.  In fact I've chased this fabric all over the country.  Ikea kept showing it in stock on their website so I went to various stores (Bristol, Birmingham, Wembley!) only to find it wasn't there.  Apparently lots of other quilters are buying it as well. So what do you do when this happens, firstly a whinging email to Ikea made me feel better.  Then I went to Stockholm, to the original Ikea, found it and bought a bolt.  Ok that sounds a little extreme but I was going to Stockholm anyway.

I have so many fabrics that don't mix very well as they were bought as presents by different people. I'm hoping to try a pattern called "You Plus Me"  it's bought and waiting. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend, best laid plans and all that...


  1. Whew! Now you've mastered that skill, time to move on! Happy quilting!

  2. I'm afraid that if I had the money, I would probably have you beat. I have almost that amount and am trying to figure out how I could get more.