Thursday, 29 September 2011

Instant gratification

I admit, I'm an advertisers dream. When Amy Butler released Soul Blossoms I knew it was merely a matter of time before I bought some.  My lovely LQS had a jelly roll for £39.50. Whilst they knew I was waiting for it I had to graciously decline.  I know they have to make a living but it's quite down heartening to see things that over priced.  So the hunt started online where I found it for £19.50 woo hoo! I'd pass on the secret knowledge but unfortunately the shop was closing down at the time.

Cue the arrival of Soul Blossoms. I opened it up, looked at it, ummed and ahhed. It was scary bright!  Hung up on my design board it looked even brighter!  I've had a play, sectioned some of the colour ways and made a very simple coin stack quilt top. Putting on the grey has made such a difference.  The colours sing rather than fight. The best part was it only took a few hours to get the top together. I have to say it's really growing on me. I'm often quite muted in my choices, but I think this has taught me to be a bit braver. (and to iron before taking photos?)

It's not going to get quilted quite yet, it's my birthday in a few weeks and I'm waiting until then for the bamboo fairy to arrive.  I was recently given a spool of thread to try by my sewing machine repair man.  I was struggling with Gutterman and was looking to try Aurifil. Whilst they didn't have that he did have some he thought I might like. I've got the variegated thread.  I think it'll really pop on the grey sashing.  I might try a quick scrappy mug rug first to see.

I'm loving this weather for photographing quilts, the light is so much better.  Now if only I could get rid of the wind as well we'd be onto a winner!

On a little side note, we've not had stickiness this time, roll on the next treatment! And as I am between treatments I shall be spending this lovely evening, in the garden, relaxing, with a glass of rose, and my dh. Long may this Indian summer last...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Not so nicey Jane, but very lovely Laura

Let's start off with Nicey Jane.  I don't like her anymore! We had a falling out when my machine munched part of a block.  The problem arose when I realised I didn't have enough fabric to make another one.  The quilt is smaller than intended, but hey ho, lesson learned.

Then I decided on a really simple zig zag quilt to echo the pattern. I waited till i'd finished to look behind and realise the tension was off. (My machine is *supposed* to have auto tension).  Here is a photo.  Incomplete, as it shall remain until I calm down a bit.... It's now at the bottom of the pile.  I think next time I'll wait till daylight and charge the camera rather than snap with the phone.

I had help! But he is so cute he may as well be included.

Next order of business, the lovely Laura has just emailed me to say I've won her fantastic give away over at  Needles Pins and Baking tins  it's a very yummy bundle of "England Swings" courtesy of the lovely people of Moona Fabrics. Go and have a look, I love them both and of course I'm not biased in any way! ;)
The fabrics are perfect for my mother in laws Christmas present.  She'll be getting a table runner and some hot pads ssshhhh! They match her kitchen colours and style so well.

I have to say that whilst I'm only have one follower I do seem to get quite a few people looking. Just in case anyone was wondering why I haven't posted in a few weeks this is why.
Introducing Isis and Hestia

Let's hope for sticky thoughts over the next couple of weeks.